Hey there! I'm Dawn ~ entrepreneur, dog mom, food maven and founder of Diet Deliciously. I LOVE FOOD!  I also like looking good in a bikini but most importantly I want to be healthy! I'm just  girl trying to create a balance with delicious meals. 

After my successful weight loss + fitness transformation 5 years ago I realized the only way I'd stick to a healthy diet and make it my lifestyle was to make my diet delicious!

Food is life! My philosophy on dieting is that all food is healthy and your diet should include whole unprocessed foods with portion control. I enjoy and eat all foods: dairy, meat, fish, fruits, nuts, grains and of course lots of vegetables! 


I hope you enjoy my delicious recipes that you can fit into your diet!

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Dawn is an amazing cook and friend!  She truly puts her heart into every meal she prepares! Love her!


Dawn  has worked very hard on her food line.  I know it's going to be delicious because she puts her heart into her work


I've tried some of Dawn's recipes  and  they are delicious!  Excited for her food line!